Semper Fi GySgt Kyle Wetter

You would hope that if your family was involved in a life and death situation, that someone would come along and render the assistance needed to keep your family alive. Although the police and State Troopers do patrol our highways, often times they can be minutes away from an accident and those minutes could cost lives.

This is when Marine Gunnery Sgt Kyle Wetter sprang into action on December 7th. Stationed at Camp Pendleton, he was driving in Fallbrook, California and noticed that two parents were trying to save their 18 month old baby from their burning car, which was now fully engulfed in flames. He told a local news station that, “Seatbelt was locked. The dad wasn’t going to get it out as much as he tried, other than taking the baby out of the seat, and even at that point, the fuel tank could’ve ruptured on the car.”

Obviously a perilous situation, the father of triplets ran into the car with a knife and freed the young child. The Gunny feels that what he did can be viewed as a learning experience for others. He said, “What I would hope is anybody in my situation would help out. We’re all in this together. This life of ours is not just a single person — you’re not in it alone. And that’s what I took away from it. If my wife and my children were in that car, I would hope there was someone like myself that was willing and able to help out.”

And I echo the sentiments of this Marine. If it were my family in the same situation, would someone come along with the same set of yarbles to save them? I would hope so.

This year with COVID, it has been all to easy to retreat to the comfort of our homes and not pay much attention to what is going on around us. But things happen every day where you can make a difference. It may not be as flashy as saving a life from a burning car, but our families and neighbors still need us, and you may need them. Remember, it’s the little things in life that make a big difference.

I know that it sounds cliché, but we really are in this together.

So, this outstanding Marine, maybe on his way home, saw a family in need and stepped in to do what he could without thinking about his own safety. For my fellow Marines out there, isn’t that what we were trained to do? Whether it was five years ago or thirty five?

Semper Fi Gunny!

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