Hypocritical Race Baiters

“But with white liberals overusing the word (racism) to influence elections because they can’t effectively argue the merit of an issue is weakening a very powerful tool to push back against real acts of racism.”― Kathy Barnette

“The Marxist maxim is ‘agitate, agitate, agitate’, and that is precisely what today’s reds are doing with race.”― Paul Kengor

I will admit that If anything, BLM has a giant set of balls. A big fat dangling set of hypocritical balls. Cori Bush, a member of the squad who aligns herself with the domestic terror group BLM, is now calling for the expulsion of over 100 Republicans from Congress because they contested the electoral college and the capitol riot. And as could be predicted, it’s all due to white supremacy.

BLM, lowering the bar of stupidity to new levels said that, “It is not enough to denounce the white supremacy behind the attack. We must remove its endorsers from Congress — Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the over 100 Republicans who voted against certifying the electoral college.”

Now please, but isn’t this the same BLM that participated in riots for the last 8+ months with the cowards that make up ANTIFA? Still to this day, how many of those folks who support the violence of ANTIFA & BLM are the same people that feel the need to cry about Republicans and everything that they do?

The hypocrisy here is legendary. The fact that they continue to engage in violence and still have the unmitigated gall to accuse anyone of anything is stupefying.

But continue they will. They will scream racist and white supremacist until they are blue in the face and despite all evidence to the contrary.

I guess that it is easier to keep living a lie instead of facing the truth that they are race baiters and they subsist on ruining the lives of innocent people. 

Self Awareness? Nope.

In yet another example of how the left continues to have absolutely no self awareness when it comes to their own behavior, members of the House are saying that they don’t feel comfortable and are afraid of their own colleagues. They aren’t afraid of extreme groups from the left and the right, terrorists, or lone wolf wackos, they say that they are fearful of the people that they work with. AOC, with all of the wisdom of mentally disadvantaged five year old, said that during the capitol riot felt like her life was in “danger” and that she thought she was going to be assassinated.

Now if this was the only issue, it could probably be dealt with quickly and efficiently. For instance, if the rules in the House say no guns, as long as the capitol police are doing the job that they are paid to do, then individual members shouldn’t need a weapon. If they aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing, then all is fair. They are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. Just because you get butt hurt if someone actually knows the Constitution and chooses to utilize it for their protection that is a you problem, not a me problem.

With these cries of how they can’t even trust the people they work with, the left, as would be expected, ramped up on a daily basis the calls that Trump was Hitler and his followers were all Nazi’s and white supremacists. It really is a damn shame that all of these idiots obviously have never read any history, or if they have, they made a conscious decision to ignore it.

Now that Trump is not in office, the calls of Nazi, white supremacist, racist, homophobe, transphobe, homophobe and misogynist will take a back seat (kind of) until the mid term elections. Of course, they will always be sitting on the periphery ready to grab at a moments notice to squelch any type of free speech from anyone on the right.

If the left were to be truly honest with themselves, they would see the hypocrisy of what they are doing. They would be able to see that the folks that should frighten them are the ANTIFA and BLM scum that riot and destroy property for no reason. If they had an ounce of integrity, they wouldn’t be moving offices because the mean man on the rights scares them.

What should frighten them is this way of thinking. Thinking that your colleagues are going to harm you because they don’t agree with you is disturbing. Although I am sure that you can find a social worker or psychologist to talk to, I am suggesting that you don’t and leave the professionals for people with real problems.

Psaki Is No Kayleigh McEnany

So, it appears that only two weeks into his administration, Joe Biden’s staff is prescreening Jen Psaki’s questions prior to press briefings. Even with this prescreening, she still has to “circle back” to some questions because they are too difficult for her to answer. My only real thoughts here are, if she knows the questions on advance, why would she need to “circle back” to answer them?

Seriously though, as much as they deny it and try to deflect from it, the lamestream media are a direct supporter of the democrat party. To see the proof all you have to do is watch the video of a Trump press conference and a Biden lovefest. The differences are very obvious and incredibly disturbing. It almost brings me back to the time of “boxers or briefs?”

In an article in the Daily Beast, it says that “the Biden administration’s actions have sparked a sense of paranoia among the White House press corps, whose members, like many reporters, are sensitive to the perception that they are coordinating with political communications staffers.” Of course. That is exactly what they are doing.

It also brings into question then whether Ms. Psaki is qualified for the job that she is doing. If she knows, or has an idea of what is going to be asked, and she can’t answer and has to “circle back” to that reporter, isn’t that a problem as well?

 A White House correspondent said, according to the Daily Beast, “The press can’t really do its job in the briefing room if the White House is picking and choosing the questions they want, that’s not really a free press at all.”  

It’s ok though. We all knew that this would happen. We lived through eight years of the media tossing up softballs for Obama and his press folks with virtually no difficult questions being asked. We now have Biden, who will undoubtedly only take friendly questions as will his press secretary Jen Psaki.

The media should do its job and treat the Biden administration with the same tenacity that they did Trump. That means real questions and no “circling back” because you can’t answer a question.

And just remember, Jen Psaki is no Kayleigh McEnany. That is a fact.

The Nobel Peace Prize For BLM? What A Travesty…

We have known for some time now that the left really does not possess the ability to look inward at itself to see themselves as they truly are. They portray themselves as saviors of the disadvantaged, but only do so through words and never through actions.

The Nobel Peace Prize is something that should be given for true accomplishments, not like the time they gave it to Al Gore as sympathy for not being elected president. And they gave it to Obama for what?? Literally just for being Obama.

Now we hear that BLM, a domestic terror group that relies on violence and intimidation to get its way, has been nominated for the peace prize. If they win, it will prove once and for all that it is worth nothing.

 On Friday, Norwegian Member of Parliament Petter Eide announced that he had nominated BLM for the 2021 prize. He said that “I find that one of the key challenges we have seen in America, but also in Europe and Asia, is the kind of increasing conflict based on inequality,” and that “Black Lives Matter has become a very important worldwide movement to fight racial injustice. They have had a tremendous achievement in raising global awareness and consciousness about racial injustice.”

Now this would be all fine and good if they hadn’t been working for months with ANTIFA to riot throughout the country. Of course Eide, a left wing politician, immediately blamed all of the rioting and damage not where he should, but went right to the favorite of progressives, the right. He cites quite comically that 93% of BLM protests were peaceful. Really? I am pretty sure that the video from all of the cities that saw riots might disagree with him. Along with that will come the leftist apologists who will conveniently ignore the almost 2 billion dollars worth of damage that occurred as a result of the riots. And this is just insurance claims, that number doesn’t include numbers from businesses that were under insured or not insured at all.

The fact that all we have seen for months is BLM rioting and getting into the faces of innocent people calling them racist and forcing them succumb to their stupidity is absolutely mind numbing. To award a group like this a “peace prize” would be a travesty and would put Nobel Committee in the same category as our media. Useless. We could never take anything that they do seriously ever again. They have proven time and again that they have no desire to work together with anyone to make change, they want it their way or no way.

The inability for these groups to be able to look at what they have done to towns and cities across the nation would indeed be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. They have taken what could have truly been a decent movement and have forever tainted it with the stench of their own bias against white people and the police.

Graeme Wood, a writer for the Atlantic actually had a good idea when discussing Trump’s nomination. He said that “Giving the peace prize to no one at all is a tradition the Nobel committee should revive, perhaps on a permanent basis. The record of achievement of the peace laureates is so spotty, and the rationales for their awards so eclectic, that the committee should take a long break to consider whether peace is a category coherent enough to be worth recognizing.” I agree with him 100% and it should apply to BLM as well.

Unfortunately, in its infinite wisdom, the committee will virtue signal its agreement with this violent group and award it to them as they did to Obama and Gore.

And I can reasonably predict that that BLM, in conjunction with ANTIFA, will continue to riot and hold those who disagree with them as ideological hostages in their ideological wasteland.

Who among you can sit there and say with a straight face that the methods BLM employ are peaceful and without animosity? If you can, I might suggest an honest review of the last year. As Warner Wolf, a famous NY sportscaster used to say, “let’s go to the videotape.” The video doesn’t lie.

Unity Is A Fantasy Anytime AOC Is Anywhere Near

Every time that I hear AOC speak or read something that she has written, I am almost always shocked at her total lack of self reflection. I don’t know why, but I still sit back and say “WTF?” I should know better and maybe, just maybe someday I will learn my lesson. This is going to be a short one because I think I will be spending a great deal of time writing about this nitwit.

Today’s act in “the left can do no wrong” is her constant harping about the GOP being full of white supremacists. You know, I used to work in school where because I didn’t toe the party line, I was actually called a racist. But you want to know something? Being labelled a white supremacist in my eyes is much worse. But AOC doesn’t get this. Not only did she start with Trump and his followers being WS’s, now she is saying that her colleagues in the house are as well. All of this with absolutely no proof.

She said in a recent show that “There are legitimate white supremacist sympathizers that sit at the heart and at the core of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives.” Since I am keeping this to a minimum, here is the key that unlocks the door to her insanity:

“There are no consequences in the Republican caucus for violence. There’s no consequence for racism. No consequence for misogyny. No consequence for insurrection. And no consequence means that they condone it. It means that that silence is acceptance,” Ocasio-Cortez said, “and they want it because they know that it is a core animating political energy for them. And this is extremely dangerous. An extremely dangerous threshold that we have crossed. Because we are now away from acting out of fealty to their president that they had in the oval office, and now we are talking about fealty to white supremacist organizations as a political tool.”

WOW…I’m not done yet. She adds to her lack of logical thought with this:

 “For Republicans that are in that caucus that are unwilling to hold that accountable or to distance themselves from it, we really, really need to ask ourselves what they are evolving into,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Because this is no longer about a party of limited government, this is about something much more nefarious.”

Where exactly has she been for the last four years? She and the left continue to ignore violence that ANTIFA & BLM commit every single day.

It has gotten to the point where I don’t even know how to reply to this moronic hypocrite.

I think I can say with reasonable assuredness that she is truly the face of hypocrisy.

I weep for my poor state of NY, not just because that is where she is from, but also for the rest of the country due to the fact that they are now subject to her insane ramblings.

With folks like her on the left, my saying holds true-“Unity is Fantasy”

Who Is Truly To Blame?

Our country is sick. Not just from COVID, but more so from a greedy lust to gain power at any cost and then to wield that power to destroy your opponent. We have watched the left for years now play the race card against anyone who dares to disagree with them. Going back to Bush the younger, those of us were branded as racists if we made the God given conscious decision to be a Republican. When Obama took office, we were once again given the title of racist if we didn’t agree with him. With Obama, however, he upped the stakes by throwing in some more vitriolic name calling.

Being a racist wasn’t enough for Obama and the left. Disagreement meant that you were a sexist, transphobe, homophobe and misogynist. All of that because you dared to disagree not only with the left, but also with the anointed second coming of Jesus. Never mind that practically no one on the left could identify one policy of Obama’s without adding the word “free” to it, but the man himself spent the first six years of his presidency blaming Bush for all of his failures. No matter what evidence was presented to show otherwise, he stuck to his guns, blamed Bush and fanned the flames of racial divide throughout the country. The one person who should have probably thought through his incendiary remarks, didn’t, and as a result caused more racial divide in our great country than any white supremacist group could have thought of doing.

Now we have Trump and the familiar cries began echoing through the corridors of America again. “He’s a racist, transphobe, homophobe and misogynist” the lemmings would scream, all the while offering the same identical proof that would brand many of their own people on the left. Unfortunately, the left has a very selective memory and can only seem to remember incidents when it involves the Right.  

So, despite the lefts doom and gloom and the sky is falling nonsense, and despite the lefts attempts to destroy the man and his family, the country is still standing after four years of a Trump Presidency. The world order did not fall into chaos. He didn’t get us into any wars, and he built our economy to the best it has ever been. But did any of that matter? Nope. Not for one second. The left even ramped up their rhetoric by adding “White Supremacist” and “Nazi” to the list of the most readily available names to call a person on the Right.

During his presidency we saw the resurgence of the lefts hate groups, ANTIFA and BLM. Both groups are well known for the violence and intimidation that they gleefully reign down upon so called “fascists.” Isn’t it funny though that if they spent some time actually studying history, they would see that they are the fascists and not the right? Millions of dollars in damage and lives destroyed. For what? We also had to endure the renewed (if not just louder) cries of how the country is systemically racist and that all police are evil and just want to kill black people. Once again, the left conveniently disregarded all crime statistics in regards to police shootings.

With Slow Joe, nothing has changed. It looks like Obama 2.0 and I have no doubt he is helping to pull Joe’s strings as he ambles and slurs his way through each day. And once again, if you disagree with him and the left, yep, that’s right, you are nothing but a racist, transphobe, homophobe and misogynist.

So what can be done? Can we turn this around? Can we recover as a nation? I am beginning to have my doubts. Although Joe keeps saying over and over that we need to be unified, his constituents don’t want to hear about it. The left has made it quite clear that they are in no mood to work with or even tolerate the Right. Look at the censorship and the threats of companies that are either calling to expose Trump supporters or just not hire them.

Probably the best thing about the Trump presidency was the fact that he exposed the left for being the true bigots. In between the left leaning politicians, the media, Hollyweird and the constituency of the left, they are ones that have made this country ill and they have no desire to see it get better. Why would you wait until you were in power to even make the offer?

For our nation to recover from this unprecedented assault on a President, obviously both sides need to tamper the rhetoric. But it is the left who bear most of the blame. Have you folks on the left ever even entertained the possibility that we on the Right might not agree with you because we just don’t agree with you? Why do you believe that you are the only ones who are allowed to claim moral superiority?

Here are some quick facts to memorize:

Support Bush? Racist

Do not support Obama? Racist

Support Trump? Racist

Do not support Biden? Racist

As long as the left continues to deny its role in why this country is so sick, unity will never become a reality. That’s a fact.